Tuitional Instruction

"Jacquie is the best instructor ever! I couldn't imagine learning to drive with anybody else. Her personality is perfect for an instructor and I think so many driving instructors should take tips from her. She was not just my instructor, but she also become a good friend to me and I look forward to still seeing her, including for my Pass Plus. "My learner driver experience has now come to an end as I passed with only three minors! Although I am so happy that I have passed, I will definitely miss my lessons with Jacquie! I always looked forward to them. I have had so many funny times with Jacquie – a lot of times crying with laughter while still learning to drive! "I was very nervous and scared as just before my test my theory was about to run out. She was always positive and she got me through, making sure I passed so I didn't have to retake my theory test. If I did not understand anything she made sure we went over it until I knew it perfectly. I never hesitated to ask her to go over anything as she was happy to cover anything I needed to do. Her way of explaining things made it easy for me to understand. "Once I became a standard driver she allowed me to pick what we'd do in the lessons, such as where I wanted to go and what I wanted to go over again. She makes you feel so confident and calm in the car and was so patient with me. When I first started driving I thought I would never be able to learn how to drive, but she got me through it. From the very first time I got behind the wheel she made me feel so relaxed and her positive attitude made me believe that I could do it – and I have! "I'm going to miss my lessons so much with one of the most loveliest ladies I have met. Thank you so much Jacquie – you made my dream of finally getting my Golf car come true! Ha ha! You're one in a million! I could not recommend you enough! xxxxxx"