We love teaching... and our pupils love us!

"A massive thank you to Jacqueline, who helped me pass my driving test first time! She has been a brilliant teacher and mentor, and is also a lovely, kind, sweet lady! I would advise anyone to book up lessons with her and get learning. Thank you Jacqueline!"

"This morning I managed to pass my test on my first attempt, and it's all down to how superb Jacquie is as an instructor. She went above and beyond for me and never stopped believing I'd pass, even when I doubted myself. Her knowledge is fantastic, she's extremely patient and I can't recommend her enough."

"I just passed my driving test with only one minor fault after having a number of lessons with Jacquie. She is a brilliant instructor and her demeanour made me feel relaxed at the beginning when the nerves were getting to me. I highly recommend having lessons with her."


"Jacquie was a perfect instructor. She is patient and will most definitely get the best out of every driver. She helped me learn new skills and master them in a short space of time – I was test standard in a matter of two-and-a-half months! I owe my driving success to her and the teaching methods used to get me the pass result in my driving test."


"I am absolutely thrilled to have passed my practical driving test. I would like to thank my instructor Jacquie for helping me to get through it.

"Jacquie is a highly skilled and very experienced driving instructor. After I had failed my first test, she helped me get back on track and focus on the areas that I needed to work on to pass my driving test. Jacquie always made me feel comfortable; she is very patient, friendly and professional, which is always important when learning to drive. We always joke together and I had great time learning with Jacquie, which made the experience much more enjoyable.

"I was eased into learning new things like bay parking as I had never done bay parking before. Also doing a mock test a few weeks before my actual test was a big help. I am so thrilled to finally have my PINK licence now!

"A huge thank you to my friend, mentor and driving instructor, Jacquie. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. You are absolutely incredible. I will have no hesitation in recommending Road Rules Driving School and in particular my instructor Jacquie to anyone contemplating driving lessons in the future."


"Yesterday I passed my first practical driving test. I am so happy with this good result! It's really a great experience after nearly five months of driving lessons. My instructor, Jaqueline Taylor Grey, is a professional and a lovely lady. She is so patient with my poor English, and we got along very well with each other."


"I passed my test first time thanks to Jacquie! I'd had a bad experience with a previous instructor in the past, but when I came to Jacquie, she explained everything to me in a way that I understood. She made all of my lessons feel very relaxed, which helped me a great deal. Thank you Jacquie x"


"Before having Jacquline as an instructor I was nervous when driving and not confident at all. I had a male instructor previously and the experience of being taught by them was not a pleasant one to say the least. Jacquie was patient with me and even if I messed up on the same thing ten times in a lesson she would never get frustrated.

"Due to Jacquie's patience, calm demeanour and knowledge of test routes and general driving I began to feel more confident when I was driving. When I did get nervous, Jacquie had many little tactics that helped me with my nerves. I would recommend Jacquie as an instructor, especially if you are nervous and need an instructor who is supportive and genuinely wants her students to pass their test."


"Jacquie is a fantastic instructor. I'd had some lessons previously with a different instructor at a different school, and these did not go particularly well.

"I was quite a nervous learner and Jacquie completely put me at ease. I felt I was improving significantly with each lesson. I passed my test first time and I think the credit for that needs to go to Jacquie. I would absolutely recommend her to any learner."


"I just passed my driving test with only one minor fault after having a number of lessons with Jacquie. She is a brilliant instructor and her demeanour made me feel relaxed at the beginning when the nerves were getting to me. I highly recommend having lessons with her."


"Jacquie was without a doubt the best driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone who is learning to drive without hesitation. She made everything seem much simpler and easier to understand and avoided overcomplicated driving – which is already rather complicated!.

"She is a lovely person and I looked forward to my driving lessons, not only as I knew I would be making great progress in each one of them, but also because Jacquie was just as much a friend as an instructor. She was calm and patient and never made me nervous or anxious. I really would recommend her to anyone and it is down to her that I passed my driving test first time."


"Learning to drive with Jacquie was a great experience. She was a fantastic, patient instructor and really made me feel at ease even when I was nervous and doubted my own abilities. She really pushed and motivated me throughout all my lessons.

"But the best part about learning with Jacquie was her company. She is a funny, talkative and welcoming person, which is all the better when you are not so confident behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend her to everyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks for all the help and support, Jacquie. I enjoyed every single lesson with you and, most importantly, I passed!"


"Thanks a million! Great teacher, very calm and patient – I recommend her to anyone thinking of learning to drive!"


"I came to Jacquie after failing two years of learning to drive, which included two instructors, six failed tests and spending a great deal of hard-earned money on driving lessons. Due to my age I was highly embarrassed about not having a driving license and my confidence was at an all-time low due to my experience with previous driving instructors. By the time I came to Jacquie I had almost given up and believed I just wasn't capable of driving, as the test nerves defeated me every time.

"But after just two months Jacquie had completely turned my state of mind around completely. I passed the test even with a nightmare of an examiner the day after the storms wreaked havoc around the UK – it was probably one of the hardest tests I'd done!

"She knows exactly what is needed to pass the test and coaches you in that direction. Her approach is tailored to achieving a test pass based on your driving style and her commentary technique to guide yourself through the test is invaluable! I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Croydon/Bromley area!"


"Jacquie is the best instructor EVER! She has made me believe in myself again. After being a very nervous student, Jacquie immediately put me at ease and went out of her way to accommodate my lessons, brilliantly tutoring me through my weaknesses. Even when I thought she must have reached her limit with my silly questions, she was patient and helpful, even phoning me to answer a question I had the night before my test!

"I passed my test in March 2013 and I am indebted to Jacquie as without her I would not have passed so quickly, or had so much fun! She is loveable and fun whilst still being an extremely professional and a brilliant instructor. I will now miss seeing her for lessons! Thank you Jacquie xxx"


"I had been with a teacher before which was OK, however I wanted to change after feeling very unsure if I should be taught by a man. Having a female teacher made me feel much more relaxed and myself which helps with the confidence! I passed first time with only four minors! Jacquie's lessons are friendly and honest."


"My name is Efe Oboite and I've been doing my driving lessons for roughly six years. I've had numerous driving instructors who weren't any good and didn't really stick to a learning style, just spending lessons reading from a textbook. Consequently this made my confidence in driving low, however I made a promise to myself in 2017 that I would do my driving lessons again and aim to pass with no stopping. However I didn't know which school to go with because I'd had bad experiences.

"Then one day my parents went out and saw a car, figured it was an instructor and met Jacqueline. They called me with excitement and said, "We've found you someone, she's perfect, we promise you." They mentioned how she would take me on, bearing in mind she had other students under her belt and was working long hours.

"The first lesson was when I knew I had found the perfect driving instructor. I had no confidence and bad habits, however what was different with Jacqueline was that she didn't just tell me what my bad habits were, but took effective measures and told me how to get rid of them, constantly encouraged and made sure it stuck in my head by continuous correction, even with the most little things.

"There was something about Jacqueline that put me at ease and made my confidence in driving grow with every second and every lesson. With manoeuvres, she didn't just tell me the basic 'Make sure you turn your wheel this way and that way' – she would show me learning techniques which suited me. I was best through the use of marking, or other techniques which made me remember what I needed to do efficiently and perfectly; she would constantly teach me the fundamentals of checking my mirrors, blind spots, pedestrians etc. In addition, she always taught me the importance of being the perfect driver and always taught me at a high standard. She made sure everything was perfect and as time went by I started to notice that I was growing more and more – sooner or later I had full confidence in driving and started driving really well. I was shocked that it took me just a couple of lessons to achieve this.

"If I may also add Jacqueline is LOVELY! She's the nicest, funniest driving instructor I've had, and she made me feel so comfortable. She would tell me, 'Efe, relax or calm down', sometimes she'd even offer to get me some chocolate or water. She's amazing, her communication, reliability, honesty and efficiency is up there, honestly!

"As proof that her techniques and learning style works, I stopped driving for about seven months because I started a new job, but my test was booked in August. I messaged her and she instantly took me on and made time for me, even though she had left her previous school and I hadn't reached out to her in seven months. I was still very good in my driving due to what she installed in me and what I had learnt. I was so confident in my driving, we knew I would past my test despite the fact I hadn't driven in seven months. Compared to before when I was shaky, I was no longer a learner driver in my eyes.

"Jacqueline now has her own company and I am so proud of her. She has been so consistent and still took me on when I needed her, and remained reliable and efficient. There have been times through general chat and when I've asked how her day was, that she revealed she had worked long hours – and yet she still teaches perfectly and without fault. You wouldn't be able to tell! She taught me to such a high standard that when I made little mistakes on my test due to nerves – which if I may add she motivated me all the way up to the test and before the test constantly – I still came out passing!

"It's like what my parents say: when you aim for the sky, the worst you'll end up is on the tree top. I am eternally grateful for all she has done for me and the way she has pushed me. She is really an amazing driving instructor and is superb in what she does. Honestly, she is the best driving instructor ever and it's because of her that I passed."


"It has been so great having Jacquie as my instructor, my only one throughout my whole driving experience. I am a very nervous person, but I passed my test on the third attempt with five minors and Jacquie was there every step of the way. She was a good support system for me and always made me feel comfortable, giving me positive energy at all times. I found a great friend in her and I will be looking forward to seeing her in the future."


"Jacquie is an outstanding driving instructor – polite, professional, good sense of humour – and the best instructor I have had. My previous instructor was terrible; I would even recommend he gets lessons from Jacquie!

"I cannot fault Jacquie in any way. Prices are reasonable and in a nice, easy to use car. She was always keen to do mock tests and have you ready for the real test. By my last lesson with Jacquie I was not worried at all about my test. I cannot praise or recommend her enough.

"I have also made a decent friend as well – I just wish I'd found her first. I am not worried about driving on my own as I have learnt from the best. A**** service and I would highly recommend."


"Jacquie is honestly the best instructor! Not only did she make lessons fun and relaxing, but she ensures that you are well prepared and know your stuff! I am really going to miss lessons with Jacquie. I would highly, highly recommend – plus I was her 'favourite student'!"


"What can I say apart from what an amazing instructor Jacquie is. I was a very nervous learner and had never been out on the road until I started my lessons with Jacquie. After 15 weeks with her I passed my driving test first time!

"Jacquie is a very patient instructor and easy to get along with. From the first minute I sat in her car I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed – in the end she became more of a friend than an instructor. She wouldn't mind going over the same stuff time and again until I was confident with it. Jacquie teaching me to drive also helped build my confidence in driving; she had faith in me that I was a good learner.

"I would highly recommend Jacquie to anybody learning to drive. I'm going to miss my weekly lessons with Jacquie but I know I'll see her soon. Thank you for everything, Jacquie. Without your teaching I wouldn't be where I am now."


"I would definitely recommend Jacquie to everyone; she is patient and calm with everything in the car and on the road and can clearly explain what needs to be done and why. I was nervous about learning to drive and within the first five minutes of my first lesson, I was already at ease and happily chatting with her.

"The mock tests that Jacquie does help massively for when it comes to the real test as you already know what to expect, and it also allows for your progress to be seen so you can see that you are improving as lessons go by.

"I'm going to miss my lessons with her but am most definitely going to do the Pass Plus with Jacquie. Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test first time xxxx"


"This morning I managed to pass my test on my first attempt, and it's all down to how superb Jacquie is as an instructor. She went above and beyond for me and never stopped believing I'd pass, even when I doubted myself. Her knowledge is fantastic, she's extremely patient and I can't recommend her enough."


"I had previous driving lessons with another instructor for a while but felt very unsure and uncomfortable when learning which really stressed me out. I stopped these lessons and started driving with Jacquie.

"Straight away I felt comfortable and passed my test first time within five weeks of learning with Jacquie. She was so friendly and a great teacher. I would definitely recommend her!"


"A massive thank you to Jacqueline, who helped me pass my driving test first time! She has been a brilliant teacher and mentor and is also a lovely, kind, sweet lady! I would advise anyone to book up lessons with her and get learning. Thank you Jacqueline!"


"I just wanted to write a review about Jacquie, who took me on for lessons. I passed today and I wanted to say how great she was as an instructor. She made me feel really at ease and is a great instructor. I would recommended Jacquie to anyone who is beginning lessons."


"Jacquie is honestly the best instructor I could have learnt with! She's an amazing teacher, extremely patient and very, very supportive. She never once made me feel rushed or uncomfortable in any of my lessons.

"Jacquie has been such a good friend as well as a fabulous teacher and I'll really miss my lessons with her! There's not an instructor I could recommend more than Jacquie! The day of my first lesson with her I was quite nervous and so was my mum (she came outside with me to meet Jacquie for the first time) and after speaking to Jacquie for only two minutes, we felt so happy and comfortable and I was really excited to start learning!

"She always encouraged me and has taught me loads of tips and tricks which I will never forget! I've now booked my Pass Plus with Jacquie and look forward to seeing her again! Thank you so much Jacquie! xx"


"I passed first time with Jacquie, who I'd come to after being with another driving school for 14hrs, continuing to drive on small roads. I went with Jacquie and booked my test straight away.

"She is the most loveliest and friendly person, always making you feel at ease, and is very patient. I was very nervous when I went with her but she got me through it and got me ready by doing mock test which really helped. I 100% recommend her – you will not be disappointed."


"Jacquie is the best instructor ever! I couldn't imagine learning to drive with anybody else. Her personality is perfect for an instructor and I think so many driving instructors should take tips from her. She was not just my instructor, but she also become a good friend to me and I look forward to still seeing her, including for my Pass Plus.

"My learner driver experience has now come to an end as I passed with only three minors! Although I am so happy that I have passed, I will definitely miss my lessons with Jacquie! I always looked forward to them. I have had so many funny times with Jacquie – a lot of times crying with laughter while still learning to drive!

"I was very nervous and scared as just before my test my theory was about to run out. She was always positive and she got me through, making sure I passed so I didn't have to retake my theory test. If I did not understand anything she made sure we went over it until I knew it perfectly. I never hesitated to ask her to go over anything as she was happy to cover anything I needed to do. Her way of explaining things made it easy for me to understand.

"Once I became a standard driver she allowed me to pick what we'd do in the lessons, such as where I wanted to go and what I wanted to go over again. She makes you feel so confident and calm in the car and was so patient with me. When I first started driving I thought I would never be able to learn how to drive, but she got me through it. From the very first time I got behind the wheel she made me feel so relaxed and her positive attitude made me believe that I could do it – and I have!

"I'm going to miss my lessons so much with one of the most loveliest ladies I have met. Thank you so much Jacquie – you made my dream of finally getting my Golf car come true! Ha ha! You're one in a million! I could not recommend you enough! xxxxxx"


"I started my driving lessons after falling pregnant with twins. I was very nervous about learning again, with the added pressure of needing to pass so I didn't have to fight to get the double buggy on a bus!

"Jacquie instantly put me at ease; she was patient, friendly and very calm. She explained things clearly to me and took me through the manoeuvres step by step. Because of her excellent teaching I passed first time! I would not hesitate in recommending Jacquie to friends, she was fab!"


"Jacquie was an amazing instructor. She was always calm and relaxed in every lesson which made me feel confident, and would always make you enjoy the lesson. Most of all she was really, really patient. I looked forward to all of my lessons because I knew Jacquie would teach me to the best of her standards. She was a great instructor, always keeping me positive about my driving and motivated towards passing! In the end I passed my driving test with the great help of Jacquie!"


"I passed my driving test first time and it's all thanks to Jacquie! She is such a good driving instructor, always very calm, which is important, and very encouraging. She knows her stuff and is such good fun, a lovely lady whom I can't praise enough. It was a joy to go on driving lessons and I always looked forward to them. Thank you Jacquie xxx"


"Jacquie was recommended to me after I'd had a bad experience with another instructor who ill prepared me for my test. Jacquie immediately identified what I needed to know and used a positive attitude to give me my confidence back.

"I was very nervous coming up to my test but her confidence in me really helped. She really knows her stuff, is very thorough and will go through the things you want to work on most – for me it was my manoeuvres and roundabouts. I couldn't recommend her more."


When it comes to helping you pass your driving test, Road Rules Driving School's philosophy is built on the belief that failure is not an option.

Whatever your age or situation may be – whether you're just starting out, have failed previous tests, struggle with nerves and anxiety, have previously lost your licence or are simply looking for a change of direction in your lessons – we have skills and instructors to cater for your specific individual needs.

Our highly experienced and friendly female driving instructors will ensure you reach the high standards required to pass your driving test with flying colours.

Our lead instructor, Jacqueline, is a fully qualified ORDIT registered trainer and heads up our team of instructors. She has 15 years' experience as a driving instructor, trainer and a motorway Pass Plus instructor, working primarily in South East London and Surrey.

Our female driving instructors cover many areas across south east London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and Croydon.

We also offer driving refresher courses, intensive driving courses and Pass Plus motorway lessons. Furthermore, Road Rules Driving School is ORDIT registered, offering ADI/PDI training as well as ADI Standards Check Test training.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let Road Rules Driving School put you on the road to success.

"Thanks a million! Great teacher, very calm and patient – I recommend her to anyone thinking of learning to drive!"

"She went above and beyond for me and never stopped believing I'd pass, even when I doubted myself. Her knowledge is fantastic, she's extremely patient and I can't recommend her enough."


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