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How to get cheaper car insurance after passing your driving test

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a practical training course you take as a newly qualified driver. It not only enhances your skills, but guarantees discounts on your car insurance – something that is always high for new drivers.

The Pass Plus course is an opportunity for newly qualified drivers to develop their skills and venture out in traffic conditions which may not be familiar from the traditional "L" driving lessons.

Gaining a Pass Plus certificate will help you:

  • Gain valuable experience on the road safely.
  • Build on existing driving skills and knowledge.
  • Reduce the risk of a crash.
  • Boost your confidence on the road.
  • Help you save money on your car insurance.

Why should you take a Pass Plus course?

Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of driving than at any another time. Not only is this worrying for your personal safety, it also bumps up insurance premiums for new drivers. That's where the Pass Plus course with Road Rules Driving School can help!

What does the Pass Plus course consist of?

The Pass Plus course consists of six practical modules, each lasting one hour. Each Pass Plus lesson covers different subjects, such as night driving, city driving, dual carriageways, motorways, difficult terrain and different weather conditions.

When can I take the Pass Plus course?

You can take the Pass Plus course within the first 12 months of passing your driving test.

Will I have to take another test?

No, there is no test as such. As a pupil again, your driving will be continually assessed and you must pass all the modules to an achieved or exceeded standard. Both you as the pupil and your driving instructor must each sign off every module and complete the Pass Plus Progress Record and Training Report form.

What happens after I complete the Pass Plus course?

The Progress Record and Training Report form are sent the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) who will then issue the Pass Plus certificate. Not only will you be a safer, more confident and competent driver after successfully completing the course, but you will also qualify for a substantial discount on your car insurance premium from companies that support the scheme.

How much does the Pass Plus course cost?

The price for the Pass Plus course with Road Rules Driving School is £260 for manual and automatic.

If you're unsure about the value of the Pass Plus course, just remember this: you are investing the safety of yourself and other road users whilst also saving money on your car insurance.

If you would like more information about Pass Plus or are interested in booking a Pass Plus course, please email or phone us on 07533 761858

Insurance companies who support the Pass Plus scheme

The insurance providers below all take part in the Pass Plus scheme, but more are joining all the time. Get in touch with us to find out more about how to reduce your car insurance premiums.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services
0800 505 3000

Churchill Insurance
0800 200 300

0161 832 8686

Direct Line
0845 246 8888

0800 028 3571

Norwich Union
0800 888 111

0870 243 5555

01422 331 166

Royal and Sun Alliance
0207 588 2345

Tesco Motor Insurers
0845 300 4400

0800 409 6551

QUINN Direct Insurance Ltd
0800 587 8000
0800 333 800



We love teaching... and our pupils love us!

"A massive thank you to Jacqueline, who helped me pass my driving test first time! She has been a brilliant teacher and mentor, and is also a lovely, kind, sweet lady! I would advise anyone to book up lessons with her and get learning. Thank you Jacqueline!"

"This morning I managed to pass my test on my first attempt, and it's all down to how superb Jacquie is as an instructor. She went above and beyond for me and never stopped believing I'd pass, even when I doubted myself. Her knowledge is fantastic, she's extremely patient and I can't recommend her enough."

"I just passed my driving test with only one minor fault after having a number of lessons with Jacquie. She is a brilliant instructor and her demeanour made me feel relaxed at the beginning when the nerves were getting to me. I highly recommend having lessons with her."

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