Tuitional Instruction

"I came to Jacquie after failing two years of learning to drive, which included two instructors, six failed tests and spending a great deal of hard-earned money on driving lessons. Due to my age I was highly embarrassed about not having a driving license and my confidence was at an all-time low due to my experience with previous driving instructors. By the time I came to Jacquie I had almost given up and believed I just wasn't capable of driving, as the test nerves defeated me every time. "But after just two months Jacquie had completely turned my state of mind around completely. I passed the test even with a nightmare of an examiner the day after the storms wreaked havoc around the UK – it was probably one of the hardest tests I'd done! "She knows exactly what is needed to pass the test and coaches you in that direction. Her approach is tailored to achieving a test pass based on your driving style and her commentary technique to guide yourself through the test is invaluable! I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Croydon/Bromley area!"