Tuitional Instruction

"What can I say apart from what an amazing instructor Jacquie is. I was a very nervous learner and had never been out on the road until I started my lessons with Jacquie. After 15 weeks with her I passed my driving test first time! "Jacquie is a very patient instructor and easy to get along with. From the first minute I sat in her car I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed – in the end she became more of a friend than an instructor. She wouldn't mind going over the same stuff time and again until I was confident with it. Jacquie teaching me to drive also helped build my confidence in driving; she had faith in me that I was a good learner. "I would highly recommend Jacquie to anybody learning to drive. I'm going to miss my weekly lessons with Jacquie but I know I'll see her soon. Thank you for everything, Jacquie. Without your teaching I wouldn't be where I am now."