Tuitional Instruction

"First of all, I was looking for driving instructors in my area but I couldn't quite find one that I knew I'd click with and get along with until I came across Rosie. From my very first lesson to the last I had so, so much fun! I used to really look forward to my lessons with her and used to be gutted when they were over – after my lessons I used to feel buzzing where I'd had such a good time. "Rosie is very professional when it comes to driving and a very good teacher but at the same time, she is serious, has witty banter and is full of joy. I would highly recommend Rosie if you want fun during your lessons and not just have a teacher but also a friend too. Even after my lessons finished, I still asked to have more with her as I missed having lessons so much! I definitely recommend her – five star professionalism from start to finish. I enjoyed every moment. Thank you."