Tuitional Instruction

"Jacquie is honestly the best instructor I could have learnt with! She's an amazing teacher, extremely patient and very, very supportive. She never once made me feel rushed or uncomfortable in any of my lessons. "Jacquie has been such a good friend as well as a fabulous teacher and I'll really miss my lessons with her! There's not an instructor I could recommend more than Jacquie! The day of my first lesson with her I was quite nervous and so was my mum (she came outside with me to meet Jacquie for the first time) and after speaking to Jacquie for only two minutes, we felt so happy and comfortable and I was really excited to start learning! "She always encouraged me and has taught me loads of tips and tricks which I will never forget! I've now booked my Pass Plus with Jacquie and look forward to seeing her again! Thank you so much Jacquie! xx"