Tuitional Instruction

"I was really nervous when initially looking for a driving instructor. It was something I had put off for a very long time, but earlier this year I finally put my foot down and made a decision. Luckily I came across a driving school with high student reviews, and even luckier I was given Lisa as my instructor. "Lisa is the type of instructor I wish everyone could have when they first start learning to drive. She's instructive but patient, easy to get along with and most importantly very knowledgeable. Within a few weeks she had me confident enough to not fear being on the road and within months confident enough to pass mock tests. "She's very methodical about her teaching, covers what needs to be covered when you're ready to tackle it (trust her judgement, you're ready) but also consistently checks on your level of comfort to not push too hard and provides breaks when necessary. "I wouldn't have passed without her, she was patient through my multiple blunders and consistently encouraged me to put my best foot forward which worked because I finally PASSED! I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any learners, be they first time or intermediate."