Tuitional Instruction

"My name is Efe Oboite and I've been doing my driving lessons for roughly six years. I've had numerous driving instructors who weren't any good and didn't really stick to a learning style, just spending lessons reading from a textbook. Consequently this made my confidence in driving low, however I made a promise to myself in 2017 that I would do my driving lessons again and aim to pass with no stopping. However I didn't know which school to go with because I'd had bad experiences. "Then one day my parents went out and saw a car, figured it was an instructor and met Jacqueline. They called me with excitement and said, "We've found you someone, she's perfect, we promise you." They mentioned how she would take me on, bearing in mind she had other students under her belt and was working long hours. "The first lesson was when I knew I had found the perfect driving instructor. I had no confidence and bad habits, however what was different with Jacqueline was that she didn't just tell me what my bad habits were, but took effective measures and told me how to get rid of them, constantly encouraged and made sure it stuck in my head by continuous correction, even with the most little things. "There was something about Jacqueline that put me at ease and made my confidence in driving grow with every second and every lesson. With manoeuvres, she didn't just tell me the basic 'Make sure you turn your wheel this way and that way' – she would show me learning techniques which suited me. I was best through the use of marking, or other techniques which made me remember what I needed to do efficiently and perfectly; she would constantly teach me the fundamentals of checking my mirrors, blind spots, pedestrians etc. In addition, she always taught me the importance of being the perfect driver and always taught me at a high standard. She made sure everything was perfect and as time went by I started to notice that I was growing more and more – sooner or later I had full confidence in driving and started driving really well. I was shocked that it took me just a couple of lessons to achieve this. "If I may also add Jacqueline is LOVELY! She's the nicest, funniest driving instructor I've had, and she made me feel so comfortable. She would tell me, 'Efe, relax or calm down', sometimes she'd even offer to get me some chocolate or water. She's amazing, her communication, reliability, honesty and efficiency is up there, honestly! "As proof that her techniques and learning style works, I stopped driving for about seven months because I started a new job, but my test was booked in August. I messaged her and she instantly took me on and made time for me, even though she had left her previous school and I hadn't reached out to her in seven months. I was still very good in my driving due to what she installed in me and what I had learnt. I was so confident in my driving, we knew I would past my test despite the fact I hadn't driven in seven months. Compared to before when I was shaky, I was no longer a learner driver in my eyes. "Jacqueline now has her own company and I am so proud of her. She has been so consistent and still took me on when I needed her, and remained reliable and efficient. There have been times through general chat and when I've asked how her day was, that she revealed she had worked long hours – and yet she still teaches perfectly and without fault. You wouldn't be able to tell! She taught me to such a high standard that when I made little mistakes on my test due to nerves – which if I may add she motivated me all the way up to the test and before the test constantly – I still came out passing! "It's like what my parents say: when you aim for the sky, the worst you'll end up is on the tree top. I am eternally grateful for all she has done for me and the way she has pushed me. She is really an amazing driving instructor and is superb in what she does. Honestly, she is the best driving instructor ever and it's because of her that I passed."